Classy Vintage Furniture and Vintage Patio Furniture for Your Home

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The phrase “they sure don’t make them like they used to” is something that many people say when they realize that a new item was not made with the same kind of craftsmanship as an older product. Unfortunately, this realization happens often with brand-new pieces of furniture. Perhaps that is why many people increasingly look for vintage furnishings to create a distinctive ambience within their homes. They just know that vintage furniture pieces were built to last.

You may like your furniture to last, and you may prefer unique items to express your own individual style. If that is the case, then vintage pieces are a great choice for your home’s interior design. For example, vintage patio furniture can create a sense of timelessness on your terrace that newer pieces could never accomplish. Emphasizing style on the outside of the home is just as important as maintaining a sophisticated interior. With vintage patio furniture, you can achieve this goal, creating a chic setting to entertain guests on warm summer nights.

Sometimes, getting the best vintage furniture pieces means going out and uncovering these hidden treasures in different locations. Antique shops, yard sales, auctions and flea markets are common places to purchase items that range from vintage office furniture to vintage bedroom furniture. Even Goodwill and Salvation Army stores sell vintage modern furniture for different rooms of your house. At these two places, you will find interesting pieces, including unique vintage patio furniture that is extremely low-cost.

If you do not want to leave the comfort of your home, however, you can still make some unique finds. Selecting a piece from Ebay or Craigslist is always an option that is both cost-effective and convenient. You can also find vintage furniture from the classified ads in your local paper. In addition, many cities have trendy, independent magazines that offer similar classifieds. On the other hand, also provides one of the most complete lists of vintage furniture stores on the web.

Overall, tracking down your furniture is an important part of owning a unique piece. Every time a guest comments on your good taste in furniture, you can regale him with the story of how you came to own a particular piece. You know that your furniture is completely unique. In the end, your distinctive vintage modern furniture pieces will give your house a certain sense of character that is, without a doubt, priceless and long-lasting.

Celebrity Interior Design

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Celebrity Interior Design

Most of us are curious about celebrity home interiors and celebrity home photos because we want to see how the other half really lives. Famous peoples’ homes are especially intriguing because they have access to exclusive design resources which help create unique interiors. Many visitors to Hollywood often indulge in celebrity home tours or buy a celebrity home map, so that they can glance the architectural designs of their favorite stars. Two celebrities who have strong ties to the design world and famous home fashions include Kanye West and Lenny Kravitz.

Kanye West’s Los Angeles House

In addition to being a Grammy Award winning musician and producer, Kanye West has a long-time love of interior design which is reflected in his stylish Los Angeles home. He even attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago where he studied fine art.

The over four thousand square foot house is comprised of three levels and features a modern minimalist design. Full of hip ideas gleaned from international hotel stays, Kanye spent three years remodeling and renovating the property to suit his tastes. An open concept makeover was given to the communal spaces of the house for a lofty vibe. Frameless glass was installed for terrific views and a weightless feeling at the windows.

Kanye incorporated elegant touches into his celebrity home interiors like French walnut wood floors and several modern crystal chandeliers. The contemporary style kitchen features a stained oak wood bar which is ten feet long and is topped with gleaming stainless steel. The master bedroom is brimming with famous home fashions like a minimalist bed by Italian architect and designer, Antonio Citterio, along with a plush fur throw and lavish fur pillows.

Famous peoples’ homes are often filled with fabulous art collections, and Kanye’s house is no exception. His affection for pop art is displayed with numerous paintings including Bob’s Big Boy diner mascot by Burton Morris and Campbell’s Soup Cans by Andy Warhol. Take a peek at celebrity home photos of Kayne’s posh L.A. pad on his UniverseCity blog.

Lenny Kravitz: Musician and Designer

During his global musical tours over the years, Lenny Kravitz feed his appetite for design while becoming enthused with architecture. What is apparent from his eclectic, retro inspired wardrobe choices is his knack for creating celebrity home interiors with a cool vibe. Famous peoples’ homes such as Lenny’s own New Orleans house have been featured in high-style magazines like Vogue.

Lenny’s sumptuous celebrity home interiors prompted others to request his design expertise. In 2005, he launched an interior design firm, Kravitz Design, which focuses on residential as well as commercial spaces. The firm has been pegged to design the Delano Hotel lounge in Miami Beach along with creating famous home fashions like the Casino Royale chandelier for Swarovski.

Kravitz Design’s unconventional celebrity home interiors and commercial spaces have been showcased in numerous publications such as Harpers Bazaar, The New York Times, and Metropolis.

Celebrity Home Tours

If you visit a superstar hot spot like Malibu or New York, taking celebrity home tours by bus or helicopter is a must-do activity. This gives eager fans a rare glimpse of famous peoples’ homes while they snap a few celebrity home photos along the way.

For those not wanting to participate in organized celebrity home tours, there are plenty of vendors offering celebrity home maps. While many of these star maps can be purchased in each destination city, you can also peruse famous peoples’ homes online through sites like Celebrity Maps.

Cottage Style Interior Design

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Home Decorating: Cottage Style

If you are looking to achieve a down-to-earth, romantic feel in your home, then you should consider a cottage decorating style. This friendly, relaxing decor has similarities to English country and shabby chic designs, but definitely stands out from the crowd.

Cottage Style Decorating

Long enjoyed in vacation homes and getaways near the ocean or woodlands, cottage interiors are now in demand for everyday living. This laid-back, cozy style has its roots in the utilitarian designs that local craftsmen employed as they built small cottages and bungalows. Interior walls and ceilings were usually left open to the support beams, with planks placed in between the studs for shelving.

Open shelves and exposed woodwork are still key components in home decorating cottage style. To keep the interior light and airy, bare wood beams are sometimes painted in various shades of white. With an emphasis on simplicity, inner doors are often a flat style with little adornment. Another idea for cottage style decorating is the addition of window seats and balconies for the enjoyment of scenic, garden vistas.

Cottage Colors and Texture

Cottage interiors are defined by a soft color palette which is taken straight from the garden. Popular colors include corals, pinks, greens, white, and splashes of yellow. These charming tones are frequently displayed in floral patterned fabrics and fresh flowers resting in simple ceramic pitchers. Combinations of blue and white are also perfect in a cottage decorating style.

Texture is an important element in home decorating cottage style. Woven baskets, often painted white, along with natural fiber and braided rugs are simple ways to add this essential layer. Using beadboard as wall paneling or wainscoting will infuse subtle texture into a room and is another wonderful idea for cottage style decorating. Mixing shiny and dull textures, along with rustic nautical accents, are also common elements. Home decorating cottage style often involves the use of wallpaper in floral patterns as well as small-scale geometrics and stripes.

Cottage Furniture and Fabrics

Furniture pieces in cottage style decorating are usually painted and feature a distressed finish or slight weathering. The shapes of sofas and large furniture pieces are typically very graceful. Sofas and chairs should be overstuffed, comfy spots featuring slipcovers and plenty of throw pillows. Wicker and iron furnishings are also a great idea for cottage style decorating. Items from the garden and patio have a lot of texture and fit nicely with this worn, relaxed look.

Cottage decorating English style evokes sofas covered in soft, floral patterns with checked and striped fabrics making an occasional appearance. Pillows may feature trim and fringe as simple detail elements. Furniture pieces may also be upholstered in leather or corduroy for an understated, texture-rich effect. Fabrics made from natural, woven fibers are commonly seen, as well as sheer fabrics on windows.

Decorating Cottage Style Kitchens

Straight-forward designs in cabinetry and overall layouts are the standard in decorating cottage style kitchens. These spaces are usually open to adjoining rooms for a serene flow between the living areas. Cabinets and woodwork are finished without much detail, creating an uncluttered look that is easy to keep clean. When decorating cottage style kitchens, shutters are many times used as window treatments, but this element can also be repeated throughout the rest of the home. Oil rubbed bronze and brushed nickel are the customary metals used in fixtures and hardware.

Cottage Internet Resources:
Cottage Living Magazine
Cottage Life Magazine
HGTV’s Cottage Style Project Library

Country Ranch

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Country Ranch Interior Design Style

This style varies by region but is generally characterized by vintage furniture, muted colors, milk-paint finishes and decorative fabrics. Traditional ranch colors are soft as though worn by time, but a more contemporary country look may include bright red, blue, black and white.

Country Ranch Decor

Country ranch decor usually calls for a mix of fabrics and prints with a unifying theme. Prints, including floral, stripes, checks, and plaids, are found on slipcovers, upholstery, curtains, draperies, table skirts and pillows.

Unique everyday items such as charming teapots, old hats, musical instruments and decorated baskets serve as accessories.

Floors are often informal and imperfect wood or tile spotted with braided throw rugs. Windows look airy with lace and valances rather than heavy drapes.

Country Ranch Furniture

Flea markets, Grandma’s attic and your favorite style of hand-me-downs are the perfect source for country-themed furniture. Look for pieces with straight lines, painted finishes, little ornamentation and signs of use. Slipcovered furniture is also popular. Pieces need not match – anything collected can be painted or recovered to fit your scheme.

Spanish Colonial Design

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Spanish Colonial Interior Design

Spanish Colonial is a catalog of styles unified by the use of arches, courtyards, plain wall surfaces, and tile roofs. The style is derived primarily from Spain and Portugal with strong influences from southwest Hopi and Pueblo Native Americans. Colors include ochre, buff, pink, purple, red and white.

Spanish Colonial Decor
Spanish Colonial decor is simple and utilitarian. Accessories found in this style include stained glass, tapestries, pottery and hand-forged metals. Traditional art includes colorful colcha embroidery and santos and bultos – carved and painted images of the saints. Flooring is of earthen colors, tiled with stone or natural tiles.

Spanish Colonial furniture is typically oak with clean, strong and sleek lines. Square exposed dowels are usually found on the pieces. Traditional homes include bancos – benches built into walls to provide seating or sleeping spaces, fogons – bell-shaped fireplaces set in the corner of a room and flanked by two low shelves, and trasteras – free standing cupboards that serve as closets or china cabinets.

Tuscan Design

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Tuscan Interior Design Style

Tuscan style makes use of outdoor elements and earthy materials like stone, wood, and colors from the Tuscan landscape. Modern Tuscan interiors are usually open and spacious with undressed windows to allow for optimum sunlight. Walls and ceilings are also given a rustic touch with color washing, faux stucco, exposed stone or brick, and Venetian plaster finishes. Earthen colors like terracotta red, grassy green, lavender, orange, and sunflower yellow are frequently seen hues.

Tuscan Decor
Tuscan style rooms regularly feature hard flooring surfaces such as wood, stone, tile, or bricks. Colorful provincial or Persian rugs are then added for comfort and texture. Exposed ceiling beams, doors, and other wooden elements have a naturally rustic patina. Tuscan rooms are accessorized with terracotta pieces, intricate wrought iron fixtures, and flowers. Traditional Tuscan kitchens display hanging copper pots, jars of dried pasta, and braids of garlic or onions. Fabrics that are commonly seen include velvets, damasks, brocades, linen, silks, and tone-on-tone patterns.

Tuscan Furniture
Simple, rustic furniture pieces make Tuscan decor inviting and comfortable. Worn and distressed furniture finishes are part of the charm of this style. Armoires and open storage add to the casual atmosphere. An amply sized wooden table is the centerpiece of most Tuscan kitchens or dining rooms. While the folksy look is popular, Tuscan furniture styles can also be eclectic by including hand-painted pieces and richly veneered finishes.

Italian Interior Design
Tuscan decor is also influenced by other Italian interior design elements from neighboring regions. Wall accents like murals or other decorative paint techniques add color and interest to rustic Tuscan walls. Ceilings are often painted with cloud motifs and playful cherubs as seen in traditional Italian interior design. Plaster moldings, ceiling medallions, and stenciled borders add graceful elegance.

The classic Italian interior design influence can also be seen in the mosaics, glazed ceramic tiles, and marble inlays of Tuscan decor. Stylish marble in all shades, along with terrazzo and travertine, can provide an upscale yet relaxed feeling in any Tuscan room. Italian style is also apparent in some of the ornate details on furniture pieces and the occasional gold-leafed accent.

Spanish Mediterranean Style

Spanish Mediterranean interior design has many elements in common with Tuscan décor. The welcoming feel of Spanish Mediterranean style is achieved through its down-to-earth color palette and use of wrought iron, stone, tapestries, and ceramics. Wall finishes are rich in texture and feature washes or glazes in neutral tones. The warm colors of terracotta are seen throughout Spanish Mediterranean design in rooftops, flooring tiles, and pottery. Copper and wooden accents are another classic part of this style.

Another common element to Tuscan decor and Spanish Mediterranean design is the use of stoneware, pottery, and ceramics. Large vases or urns in rich colors are an important part of both of these styles. These textured pieces can serve as the focal point in a foyer or on a fireplace hearth. The Spanish Mediterranean style also includes metal objects like pots, urns, candle holders, and planters.

Celebrity Homes

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The homes of rich and famous celebrities are the place to glimpse interiors where no expense is spared and designers are given a blank check to bring their clients’ visions to life. These amazing celebrity homes can provide us common folk with inspiration for distinctive design schemes which can be replicated on a smaller scale and budget.

Inside Celebrity Homes

The most important aspect of a celebrity home is its location. While privacy and seclusion are often sought out by media weary celebs, some of them alternatively seek out real estate hot spots where it pays to been seen. Trendy celebrity home settings include Malibu, New York City, and Aspen, along with posh European destinations like Italy, France, and England. Stars who travel extensively are familiar with the world’s most lavish resorts and well-appointed hotels, so many of these sumptuous design amenities end up inside their celebrity homes. Collections of expensive art, priceless antiques, and treasures from around the world often adorn famous celebrity home interiors.

Another bonus enjoyed by famous personalities is the ability to have multiple real estate properties in a variety of locales. The homes of rich and famous celebrities often include seasonal estates in warm climates as well as cooler climates. This allows for the creation of unique famous celebrity home interiors at each property. Celebrities commonly have a favorite interior designer and architect who build or remodel their diverse properties. Design motifs can include almost any style such as Mediterranean, rustic lodge, modern contemporary, or urban chic. Some celebrities go all out with their home designs, while others simply want a relaxing retreat.

Pictures of Celebrity Homes

Mainstream design magazines and trendy TV shows often go inside celebrity homes for a closer look at the luxurious designs. For example, many of the stunning addresses featured in Architectural Digest are the homes of rich and famous celebrities. Publications such as this cater to those hungry for pictures of celebrity homes which are valuable when planning their dream residence or just for picking up a few stylish design tips.

Television shows like MTV Cribs have been revealing famous celebrity home interiors for thirteen seasons. The series has so far showcased almost 200 homes of rich and famous actors, musicians, and athletes. Their online gallery has an extensive assortment of archived images featuring impressive pictures of celebrity homes.’s Famous Spaces web page provides viewers with a glance inside and outside the homes of rich and famous personalities like Jon Bon Jovi, Valentino, and Ben Affleck. Be sure to check out Oprah’s guided video tours of celebrity homes along with the snapshot photo gallery.

While these media outlets get an exclusive peek inside celebrity homes, there are also many resources for exterior views of star-powered architectural design., a popular entertainment news source, has a nice photo gallery featuring exterior, aerial views of impressive celebrity homes and estates.

Modern Retro Design Style

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Modern Retro Interior Design Style

Ever dream of hopping in a tail-finned beauty and zooming down Route 66 to a shiny roadside diner? Then you must be craving a modern retro interior design style. Start by adding a few stylish accessories to your kitchen or go for a radically retro home design. Read our tips below to perfect the look.

Retro Classics

Retro style is a throwback to the streamlined, modern designs made popular throughout the mid-twentieth century. During these inspired decades, distinctive new styles emerged which left a lasting impression and continue to be widely enjoyed as retro style.

The vibrant yet soothing color palette of retro home design is one of its key features. Popular retro colors include:

* Aqua
* Yellow
* Red
* Blue
* Pink
* Turquoise
* Black
* Mint Green

Modern retro interior design style also utilizes timeless combinations of black and white checkerboard patterns in addition to red and white motifs such as those seen in Coca-Cola memorabilia. Other key retro design elements include polished chrome, rounded corners, laminate surfaces, linoleum, and vinyl. Some of the fun, kitschy items that are often seen in a retro home design include jukeboxes, bowling collectibles, and vintage tiki or Hawaiian decor.

Often, the funky designs of the 1960′s and 70′s are integrated into modern retro interior design styles or used as a stand-alone theme. Some of the unique furniture designs of the retro era consisted of man-made materials such as plastic, Plexiglas, and molded plywood or fiberglass.

Coffee tables are usually seen in curvy, kidney shapes, and dining tables are typically round or oval. Popular retro chair styles include the Eames lounge chair, the butterfly chair, the Barcelona chair, and the tulip chair. These futuristic designs prove to be very comfortable despite their avant-garde appearance.

Other important additions to retro home design involve the use of suspended bubble lamps in ball, saucer, or cigar shapes. Also in keeping with the “space age” theme, retro clocks and wall art were frequently fashioned to resemble asterisks, starbursts, or atomic balls. Other commonly seen shapes, especially in retro wallpaper pattern design:

* Atomic symbols
* Boomerangs
* Amoebas
* Satellites (a la Sputnik)
* Rockets

Retro Kitchen Design

One room that is perfect for a playful retro style is the kitchen. Options for “retro-fitting” kitchens include vintage, refurbished appliances as well as modern reproductions. Countertops can be easily accessorized with small retro-inspired kitchen necessities like toasters, stand mixers, bread boxes, and blenders, such as those found at Do Wah Diddy. Make your retro kitchen design complete by serving meals in a cozy diner booth or install swivel barstools along your chrome-trimmed bar top.

Retro kitchen sink style design usually involves a glazed finish in white or a retro color like pink or green. Companies like Vintage Tub & Bath carry several lines of retro kitchen sinks such as the farmhouse apron style sink with single or double bowls.

Larger appliances can also help create a fabulous retro kitchen design. Elmira Stove Works and Heartland manufacture several lines of reproductions which have all the style of the mid-twentieth century with the convenience of modern functionality.

Medieval Design

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Medieval Interior Design Style
Medieval, or gothic, style is reminiscent of the Middle Ages, dating from 300 to 1500 A.D. This design style represents a union of spiritual and artistic values and mimics churches, convents and castles. Medieval interiors lavishly combine strong, rich colors, stained glass windows, lancet arches, tapestries and sturdy furnishings to create an ambiance of vitality and solace.

Medieval Decor
Tapestry weaving was at its peak in during this time period and these wool wall weavings are on frequent display in Medieval interior design. Other period art pieces include family crests, portraits, crosses and heavy gothic carvings of cherubs and gargoyles. Arches, common in medieval design, symbolize reaching for the heavens and can be found in architecture, paintings, metal work, weavings and carvings. Display these arches in wrought iron candle holders, light fixtures and lacy arched wood and stone carvings to provide a light airy feeling tabletop accessory or beside a hearth. Modern additions include metal clocks, mirrors and curtain rods.

Medieval Furniture
Medieval interior design calls for wooden and wrought iron furniture – from thrones and sofas with linenfold carving to hefty dining sets and trunks adorned with iron. Materials should be heavy with tapestry fabrics and rich, sumptuous velvets. An ecclesiastical salvage yard is an ideal source for gothic furnishings. Confessional boxes can be converted into airing cupboards and armoires. Pews in oak, pine, mahogany and pitch pine serve as tables, chairs, coffee tables and beds.

Mediterranean Design

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Mediterranean Interior Design Style

This style, also known as Spanish modern, originated in the north Mediterranean Sea countries of Spain, Greece and Italy. The sun and heat in these climates helps to create the purpose of this style. In Mediterranean interior design there is an emphasis on thick walls, white plaster and stone with deep niches for windows shielded by louvered shutters. Walls are textured and bull-nose edges are found on countertops and mantels. In these interiors, colors reflect the sea and sky and include warm terracotta, lavender and yellow.

Mediterranean Decor
Mosaic tile designs embody Mediterranean design. These tiles can be found in the floors, in a kitchen backsplash, in mirror frames or tabletops. Additional design materials include rich woods, tile, terracotta bricks and embroidered linens. Visual depth is added to walls through sand texture or layers of paint and glaze hand rubbed on plaster. Common Mediterranean accessories include burnished bronze urns, filigree light fixtures and a wrought-iron fireplace screens.

Mediterranean Furniture
Mediterranean-style furniture ranges from functional to formal. Wooden pieces are short with ornately turned legs and feet and hardware is heavy and burnished. Wrought iron furnishings are also common. These different styles of furniture are brought together within a room – such as wooden and iron mixed chairs that may be found in dining rooms, balconies, terraces and gardens.