Celebrity Homes

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The homes of rich and famous celebrities are the place to glimpse interiors where no expense is spared and designers are given a blank check to bring their clients’ visions to life. These amazing celebrity homes can provide us common folk with inspiration for distinctive design schemes which can be replicated on a smaller scale and budget.

Inside Celebrity Homes

The most important aspect of a celebrity home is its location. While privacy and seclusion are often sought out by media weary celebs, some of them alternatively seek out real estate hot spots where it pays to been seen. Trendy celebrity home settings include Malibu, New York City, and Aspen, along with posh European destinations like Italy, France, and England. Stars who travel extensively are familiar with the world’s most lavish resorts and well-appointed hotels, so many of these sumptuous design amenities end up inside their celebrity homes. Collections of expensive art, priceless antiques, and treasures from around the world often adorn famous celebrity home interiors.

Another bonus enjoyed by famous personalities is the ability to have multiple real estate properties in a variety of locales. The homes of rich and famous celebrities often include seasonal estates in warm climates as well as cooler climates. This allows for the creation of unique famous celebrity home interiors at each property. Celebrities commonly have a favorite interior designer and architect who build or remodel their diverse properties. Design motifs can include almost any style such as Mediterranean, rustic lodge, modern contemporary, or urban chic. Some celebrities go all out with their home designs, while others simply want a relaxing retreat.

Pictures of Celebrity Homes

Mainstream design magazines and trendy TV shows often go inside celebrity homes for a closer look at the luxurious designs. For example, many of the stunning addresses featured in Architectural Digest are the homes of rich and famous celebrities. Publications such as this cater to those hungry for pictures of celebrity homes which are valuable when planning their dream residence or just for picking up a few stylish design tips.

Television shows like MTV Cribs have been revealing famous celebrity home interiors for thirteen seasons. The series has so far showcased almost 200 homes of rich and famous actors, musicians, and athletes. Their online gallery has an extensive assortment of archived images featuring impressive pictures of celebrity homes.

Oprah.com’s Famous Spaces web page provides viewers with a glance inside and outside the homes of rich and famous personalities like Jon Bon Jovi, Valentino, and Ben Affleck. Be sure to check out Oprah’s guided video tours of celebrity homes along with the snapshot photo gallery.

While these media outlets get an exclusive peek inside celebrity homes, there are also many resources for exterior views of star-powered architectural design. TMZ.com, a popular entertainment news source, has a nice photo gallery featuring exterior, aerial views of impressive celebrity homes and estates.

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